Watershed ↔ Resiliency

By December 30, 2016UCRWG Updates

At the start of each community conversation in Grand County this Fall, we asked participants, as a group, to come up with their own definitions of two key terms used in our discussion: watershed  and resiliency. The takeaways from this brainstorming activity were lists of descriptive words that would help reveal how participants at these meetings perceived these key concepts in terms of their own shared place.

After all four meetings were finished, we brought out these community-generated lists to look for patterns and repetition, priorities and values. To help visualize the results of these lists, we created two “word clouds”. The more times a word was mentioned in these lists, the bigger it is in the word cloud. So, you can get a sense for what some of the most popular descriptions of “watershed” and “resiliency” were, according to our groups of participants.


→What do you think about the word clouds? What words do you agree with? Are there any that you disagree with? What words do you think are missing?






**We’ll be digging deeper into the results of these word lists and more at our next UCRWG public meeting on Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9am-12pm at the Mountain Parks Electric building in Granby, CO. Be sure to save this date and invite others. It’s not necessary to have attended one of the community conversation meetings this year to join us for this February meeting. 





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