Become a Water Reporter for the Upper Colorado River!

Watersheds are big – really BIG! – and it takes a lot to monitor and track everything that is going on. But you can help! Citizen scientists help monitor and report water quality and watershed issues through the use of a variety of different apps. We’re working with Water Reporter and to tap into local support for the Upper Colorado River from the people who love to explore it the most – YOU!!

The Water Reporter app is a way for budding citizen scientists to help monitor their local waterways and share findings with experts and the community. If you love to spend time out exploring a favorite waterway in Grand County, then you can help build our interactive map of the Upper Colorado River! The more citizen scientists we have contributing to the Water Reporter map, the more informative the map will be – more photos, more data, more info on the watershed we all love!


1. Sign-up for a FREE account at

2. Join the Upper Colorado River Watershed Group through your Water Reporter account – follow the link HERE or search for our name and logo!

3. The next time you’re out exploring the Upper Colorado River watershed, take photos! Then upload your observations to the Water Reporter app and tag the Upper Colorado River Watershed Group! You can add a hashtag describing what you found as well. Examples include:

        • Did you see moose or other wildlife? #wildlife
        • How about evidence of those watershed ecosystem engineers, beavers? #beaver
        • Is there trash or plastic pollution? #trash #plasticpollution 
        • Is the water a funny color? #waterquality
        • Is the water thick with algae growth? #algalbloom
        • Is the river bank collapsing? #erosion
        • How are people using the waterway? Are they outside recreating? #recreation #flyfishing
        • What does the shoreline look like – is it covered with plant growth, or is it covered in concrete? #LivingShoreline #HardenedShoreline

Upper Colorado River Watershed