Williams Fork

While most of the Williams Fork watershed is on forest service land, some areas of private land drain into the watershed. The Climax molybdenum mill that processes material mined in Clear Creek County off of Berthoud Pass is located off of County Road 3 in the Williams Fork watershed.

One of our goals here at UCRWG is to provide detailed information about the watershed that we are working to protect. Established in 2016, we’re just getting started as a nonprofit, which means that right now our list of program goals is much longer than our current list of accomplishments. We’re hoping to change that, but we need YOUR help to get there.

Instead of seeing this message on our sub-watershed pages, we’d LOVE to provide you with stats, imagery, and current data about how that specific watershed is doing and how it fits into the larger picture of the Upper Colorado River as a whole. Unfortunately, with our limited budget, we’re unable to provide that kind of in-depth information at this time. YOUR SUPPORT can help us get there. Donate TODAY so we can keep moving items from our list of “Project Goals” to “Program Accomplishments” as we work hard to protect and conserve the Upper Colorado River and its surrounding watershed.