September Watershed Snapshot: Fall Fishin’

By September 21, 2020Watershed Snapshot

Colored dots at monitoring locations reflect stream flow levels, with Blue and Green dots indicating water levels well above average and Red and Yellow dots marking water levels well below historic flows. Crosses within the dots show water temperature, while the red numbers next to selected locations show the number of days with water temperatures above 68°F/20°C from Aug 15th – Sept 15th.


From mid August to September, we saw temperatures begin to cool as fall begins. The Fraser River near Tabernash only had one day where water temperature was in excess of 68°F/20°C.

Flows were elevated in Ranch Creek and on the Colorado River below Lake Granby to send more water downstream. Muddy Creek above Wolford Reservoir was still problematic with water temperature going over the critical 68°F/20°C on 10 days out of the previous month-long period.

Stream temperatures in excess of 65°F/18°C stress native trout adapted to cooler waters, while waters above 70°F/21°C result in trout having difficulties using oxygen.


As temperatures begin to cool, fishing will be good as fish bulk up to prepare for the winter months. So grab some streamers or some spinning lures to find aggressive hungry fish!

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