Grand Lake by canoe, one of our target areas in the Upper Colorado River watershed.

UCRWG was founded in 2016 with funding from a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation WaterSMART grant. Combined with community donations and countless volunteer hours, grant funding enabled us to complete a number of projects:

1.Watershed Restoration Road Map Outline – a preliminary step toward completing a Watershed Management Plan for the UCRWG target watershed, a critical element for securing federal funding.  

2. Upper Colorado River Watershed Resiliency Plan – a strategic plan for restoring watershed capacity and a step toward a complete Watershed Management Plan. 

3. Watershed Snapshot – offering a real-time picture of flow levels and temperature in the Upper Colorado River watershed, one of our goals as a watershed organization is to release regular watershed snapshots to help keep stakeholder groups informed about the state of the watershed. 

4. Impact Fee Proposal – completed at the request of UCRWG community members, the Impact Fee Proposal examines the potential to raise critical funds for watershed restoration projects through implementing a small user fee on those who depend on the waters from the Upper Colorado River on a daily basis.