312 Park Ave. | Grand Lake, CO, 80447

Environmental Permitting (including 404 wetlands), Construction Support and Monitoring, Conservation Land Management.

Contact: Geoff Elliott or Joy Phelan, 970-509-0199


What we can give: technical expertise

The LBD focus area includes Fraser River and tributaries, Colorado River to Blue River confluence, and Williams Fork. LBD is developing monitoring plans to identify issues, measure effectiveness of projects, establish baselines and improve modeling. LBD is also developing operations plans and will have (has already had for 2 years) weekly summertime coordination calls to coordinate and target releases to maintain healthy flow, temperature and regular flushing.

Contact: Katherine Morris, kmorris@co.grand.co.us, 970-725-3058

Website: http://www.grandcountylearningbydoing.org/projects.html

Needs: Cooperation, expertise, volunteers for approved projects.

106 2nd St. | Kremmling, CO, 80459

The Middle Park Conservation District assists landowners with conservation projects on their land. We also do a lot of education.

Contact: Katlin Miller, 970-531-0127 middleparkcd@gmail.com

Website: http://www.middleparkcd.com

Needs: Funding

BLM Oil/Gas Lease Sales Looking for help: public feedback

Potential oil/gas development across NW Colorado, including Grand County. This project must be done (or not) in a way that protects our water resources.
-Cam McNair, President of Shadow Mountain Ranch POA

Contact: Kent Walter, Meeker Field Office (BLM), 970-878-3800

Needs: Public feedback and accountability

Rich Newton is the Environmental Group Representative on the Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) to Denver Water. Rich is working with Granby Ranch on potential river enhancement projects.

Contact: Rich Newton, 970-531-8638, richardenewton@gmail.com

Needs: Looking for input on areas which can be brought to the CAC for Granby Ranch, Funding, Volunteers

Trout Unlimited and Learning by Doing are replanting .9 miles of riparian habitat on the Fraser River above CR 83. Also re-channeling .9 miles of stream bed. Will need volunteers on May 6, 2017 and May 20-21, 2017 to plant willows and other riparian plants.

Contact: Anna Drexler-Dreis, aldrexler@gmail.com

Website: http://www.coheadwaters.org Willow Planting Day - Facebook event

Needs: Volunteers

Grand County Irrigated Land Company Looking for help: technical expertise Private project

Granby, CO, 80446

Manages water diverted from Meadow and Strawberry Creek for distribution to shareholders on Granby Mesa.

Contact: Mike Holmes, 303-726-3648, holmescolo@aol.com
Website: GrandCountyIrrigatedLandCompany.wordpress.com

60500 US-40 | Granby, CO, 80446

The Grand County Wildfire Council promotes wildfire prevention, preparedness and survival through education and mitigation.

Website: https://bewildfireready.org
What we can give: Wildfire prevention and preparedness through education and mitigation

405 Summerland Park Rd. | Grand Lake, CO, 80447

Shadowcliff is an educational non-profit lodge and retreat center in Grand Lake. We are an eco-mountain sanctuary for individuals, families, and groups of all kinds. Located in Grand Lake for over 50 years.

Contact: Hillary Mizia, hillary@shadowcliff.org

Website: http://www.shadowcliff.org

What we can give: Support as a community partner and educational event venue.

Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce

Education, eco-tourism and water resiliency. Understanding that a healthy business community is correlative with a healthy lake.

Contact: Samantha Bruegger, 970-531-6720

Website: www.outstandinggrandlake.org

Needs: Funding!

In response to pressure from Grand County and area residents to honor the promise made in Senate Document 80 to protect the scenic attraction of Grand Lake, Reclamation has kicked off a NEPA process to evaluate operational and structural opportunities to meet the Grand Lake clarity standard.

Contact: Katherine Morris (Grand County) kmorris@co.grand.co.us or Terence Stroh (USBR) TStroh@usbr.gov

Website: http://co.grand.co.us/818/Grand-Lake-Clarity

Needs: Community support and public comments when the time comes.

Grand Lake Metro Rec District
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