If you live in the Colorado Front Range, do you know where your water comes from?


You may love visiting Grand County, but did you know that its mountain waters may be flowing out of your taps at home?

Over TWO MILLION water users in the Colorado Front Range depend on the Upper Colorado River watershed to meet their daily needs.

When that perfect powder day snow melts in the spring, two major diversions pipe the runoff east over the Continental Divide for water users in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins.

The quality and quantity of that water is directly connected to the health of our lands, rivers and streams in Grand County. 

It's no secret that the Colorado River is in crisis. Climate change, ongoing drought and rapid population growth has stretched this vital water resource to the limit. Combined with proposals to increase the amount of water diverted to the Front Range and rapid development, the Upper Colorado River watershed in Grand County is being pushed to the brink of collapse. The signs of environmental stress are everywhere: from algal blooms and increased sedimentation in Shadow Mountain Reservoir to summer stream temperatures that threaten native cold-water species.

The Upper Colorado River needs YOUR HELP. 

UCRWG is working hard to protect and restore the Upper Colorado River for generations to come but we can't do it without YOU. So please, help us SUPPORT THE SOURCE of our water and the natural beauty of the watershed we all love and DONATE TODAY.


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