Watershed Snapshot

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UCRWG is excited to release our first-ever Upper Colorado River Watershed Snapshot, providing real-time modeling of stream flows in the Upper Colorado River watershed for August 1, 2018. This is a crucial first step in locally-based watershed modeling, allowing for a watershed-scale perspective on how water demands from both the Eastern and Western slopes are putting stress on the headwaters of the Upper Colorado River.

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UCRWG Research: Impact Fees and Sustainable Funding Sources

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At the request of a Fraser Citizen, UCRWG recently provided research on the feasibility of using an Impact Fee to help generate sustainable, long term funding for watershed restoration projects and water and sanitation infrastructure in the Upper Colorado River headwaters.

A report by Grand Environmental Services shows that a modest fee of as little as $2.00 per month from Denver Water customers could generate as much as $7,000,000 annually for projects in the Colorado River headwaters. That much-needed cash could be available in perpetuity to help assure consistent water quality and quantity for future generations, in turn benefiting both the Eastern and Western Slopes. Read More

Just Ask UCRWG

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The UCRWG team gets a lot of questions from the community about who we are and what we’re up to – and we love it! Being engaged with our local community and listening to all of the voices in the Upper Colorado River watershed is central to what we’re about here at UCRWG.

In keeping with our goal of actively engaging all of the stakeholder groups in our watershed, UCRWG team leader Geoff Elliott addressed some of the most common questions in a four-part series in the Sky-Hi News. Check out our “Ask UCRWG” series to find out more about what we’re about and where we’re going.

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