UCRWG invites YOU to join us in making our Colorado River headwaters more sustainable and resilient by participating in a NEW local Adopt-a-Waterway program.

ADOPT-a-WATERWAY programs enable individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations to engage in ongoing stewardship of their local waters.
The GRAND COUNTY ADOPT-a-WATERWAY program builds on the idea that EVERYONE can be a waterway steward. That’s why we created a tiered program – so you can get involved with protecting and restoring the Upper Colorado River watershed at a commitment level that works for your life.

Every drop makes a difference.


Stoneflies are the most sensitive of fresh water macroinvertebrates, requiring swift, clean, cold, and highly oxygenated water. This means they are great water quality indicators - lots of stoneflies means a healthy watershed!

Participate in our quick, 2-3 minute survey on CitSci.org and achieve Stonefly status while enjoying the outdoors and observing nature. You'll need to create an account on CitSci, but the information you can provide is invaluable - and it's an exciting tool to learn about the watershed! Once you join our project, you can find the watershed health survey under "Add Data". Don't know anything about watershed health? Don't worry! We'll walk you through it with our questions. All you need is your smartphone, time outside exploring your favorite part of the Upper Colorado River basin and a few minutes to help us gather data.

Extra kudos if you pick up trash or dog waste!

UCRWG on CitSci.org

American White Pelican

Swoop in to #SupportTheSourceCO! The American White Pelican is a skillful species, capable of carrying up to THREE GALLONS of water in its bill! One of North America's largest birds, watching them swoop down over Grand Lake is breathtaking.

Join at this level and show us your skills! We’ll notify you of one-day or half-day projects where we need a hand and you can join us if you can. No long-term commitment needed. Potential projects include trash clean-up days, streambank restoration efforts, planting trees or willows, etc.

UCRWG will supply materials such as trash bags, plantings and tools - volunteers need to come prepared to spend the day outside in the unpredictable Colorado Rockies weather and supply their own work boots, gloves and water.

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Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat trout are also helpful indicator species of watershed health, sensitive to habitat fragmentation and poorly planned energy, logging, mining, and grazing projects.

Want to make a bigger difference in our watershed by committing to something a little more involved? Perhaps just one larger project or one year of more targeted surveying or monitoring? We can help provide resources for a project you have in mind, ideas for new projects, or identify waterways that would benefit from ongoing citizen science monitoring!

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The beaver is a highly valued and hardworking watershed friend, providing an extensive list of ecosystem services for humans and other wildlife.

This is the highest Adopt-a-Waterway program tier, entailing a longer commitment of two years and at least one stewardship project per year. Stewardship projects can be a range of activities. UCRWG can provide support by helping your group decide what actions are best to take for your specific area, provide project training and assist in securing materials, and navigating communication with local municipalities.

Don't know where to adopt? We can help! Tell us a little bit about your group, project commitment level and where in Grand County you would like to adopt, and we will help you from there!

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