Adopt-A-Waterway programs enable individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to commit to ongoing stewardship of their local waters. UCRWG invites you to join us in making our Colorado River headwaters more sustainable and resilient.

Our Adopt-A-Waterway program builds on the principle that everyone can be a waterway steward. Our goal is to connect as many volunteers as possible to our watershed.  Adopting a waterway involves a 2-year commitment to the waterway of your choosing — this could be a river or creek reach, or a stretch of shoreline or deeper water in a lake or pond. We ask for at least one stewardship project each year, such as a Spring cleanup day, citizen science monitoring projects (training provided), or willow plantings.  Perhaps a project with your neighbors? The goal is to create a targeted Adopt-a-Waterway program that works for both the watershed and waterway stewards.

UCRWG can help you define your adoption area, assist with logistics such as working with neighbors and local municipalities, and with the choice of Best Management Practices for watershed protection and restoration for YOUR chosen waterway.

The adoption process: 

  • Adopt a segment of stream for a two year period.
  • Complete at least one stream stewardship project per year.
    • Biomonitoring, including bugs/macroinvertebrates, birds and wildlife observations, plant identification — you choose!
    • Geomorphology, such as stream bank conditions/stability, impacts from high water events especially in burn areas, sediment runoff from construction sites
    • Water Quality including surface water temperatures, general observations during runoff
    • Photo and field log of specific areas to track progress over time

How we support you:

  • Provide a sign with Adopter’s name at the adopted section
  • Assist in obtaining materials and supplies for stewardship projects
  • Provide training and advice on the types of stewardship projects that would best work for your adopted section
  • Act as a guide, if needed, to help your group succeed!

What does a Stewardship Project look like?

  • Stewardship projects can be a range of activities. UCRWG is available to help your group decide what actions are the best to implement for your specific area! Examples of stewardship projects include:
    • Invasive plant removal
    • Planting native plants and trees
    • Trash clean ups
    • Hosting watershed education programs

Big thank you to our project partner, MyWaterways, for their assistance in developing this project for our watershed!