Upper Colorado River Watershed Group

Established in 2016, the Upper Colorado River Watershed Group (UCRWG) promotes awareness, conservation and appreciation of the lands and streams that compose the headwaters of the Colorado River through science, education, and outreach.
Serving the local community in Grand County, Colorado and striving to connect with water users in the Front Range metro area, UCRWG is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit working to protect water quality and preserve ecosystem functioning in the Upper Colorado River basin by establishing a regional watershed management plan based on rigorous scientific data and community participation. Our programs include stream corridor and forest health restoration projects, guided educational hikes and citizen science initiatives, and community outreach and education. UCRWG is working hard to #SupportTheSource through the adoption of an Impact Fee – by adding just a few cents each month to water bills, we can generate critical funding for much-needed restoration projects in the Upper Colorado River Watershed, reflecting the true cost of water diversions on the environment.  
UCRWG actively works to provide a neutral forum for the diverse stakeholder groups of the Colorado River to identify shared values and goals while preserving the health and beauty of the watershed we all love. 

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Grand Lake by canoe

Join us on our journey to protect and restore the headwaters of the Colorado River. As a small nonprofit, we rely on the generosity and dedication of our local community to keep us moving forward.



March 26, 2021 in CO Riverkeepers, Community, Just Ask UCRWG, UCRWG Updates

Interview with UCRWG President Andy Miller

Who has the right to the water in Grand County? And how does water in Grand County end up flowing over the Continental Divide? Here at UCRWG, we’re fighting to…

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February 12, 2021 in UCRWG Updates, Waterkeeper Alliance

Winter 2021: Forming New Alliances and Wildfire Recovery

  Happy February!  Before we dive into our winter newsletter, we’d like to take a moment to ask you all to join us in a snow dance. The Upper Colorado…

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February 2, 2021 in CO Riverkeepers, Press, UCRWG Updates, Waterkeeper Alliance

UCRWG: A Colorado Riverkeeper Affiliate

The Colorado River Waterkeeper Network: UCRWG is excited to announce our new membership in a global movement working to protect and restore waterways worldwide! You can read more about the…

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